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The Smartest, Sleekest & Healthiest Workplaces in DuPage: 2023

Another company that understands the value of employee experiences (and happens to be a fellow Shuman tenant) is IMEG.

Located on the fifth floor of the Class-A Naperville office building, IMEG’s 20,000-SF office has everything you’d expect from a world-class engineering firm: thoughtfully designed workspaces for collaborative and individual work, an industrial-chic vibe with playful pops of color, and the occasional engineering-themed art piece (including a framed patent of that all-important industry tool, the protractor).  What makes this space truly unique is what’s not there. IMEG went with a clean, no-frills design. With few exceptions, the floors are exposed, polished concrete. And the ceilings? What ceilings? Look up, and you’ll see a network of exposed pipes, valves, and ducts.

IMEG is all about “people-centered engineering”—the idea that spaces should be designed for the people who use them. That philosophy has served the company well over its hundred-year corporate history, and if you want to see it come to life, we recommend a trip to The Shuman.

Contractor: JC Anderson

Architect: G|R|E|C

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