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Recently, several Chicago-based associations have relocated from long term homes to newer and more forward-thinking office headquarters. Having been in their locations for 10 to 30 years, C-level leadership are seeing their organizations housed in dated facilities which no longer support their mission and are a detriment to attracting and retaining talent. There is a desire by many to make significant and important adjustments to their workplaces, which will resonate for the next 10 to 20 years and support a new generation of staff and style of work.To gain insight into what associations are seeking in their new office designs, we connected with three architects from Chicago firms, each of whom have designed new offices for several associations. Michael Berger, director of interiors at GREC Architects, Diana Pisone, principal at Ted Moudis Associations and Liz Potokar, senior designer at Gensler, discussed the ways designing for associations differs from corporate and technology clients, incorporating and enhancing an association’s brand and mission through creative design, and embracing new technology and a changing workforce.