GREC Architects


The American Marketing Association relocated from traditional perimeter office space at 311 South Wacker to open, collaborative space on the 22nd floor of 1 Prudential Plaza. The AMA’s vision for a change in company culture inspired a design that promotes employee engagement and creativity. GREC’s major objectives of the new design are to provide a welcoming, personal space for both employees and members, to create a connected office environment with a variety of meeting spaces, and to showcase the AMA’s new culture with a comfortable and playful workplace aesthetic.With views of both Lake Michigan and Millennium Park, the open office area features open huddle spaces that foster casual collaboration. Small conference rooms and themed huddle rooms are sprinkled throughout the plan, strategically placed to maximize their convenience. The boardroom is directly adjacent to the reception area and is suited for more formal large meetings. Perfect for impromptu conversations and all-hands gatherings, the lunch room features a cozy fireplace nook, large seating island and bleacher stair.In addition to these key social spaces, the use of vibrant and textural materials reinforces the AMA’s new culture. Colorful upholstery and bright tile backsplashes energize collaboration spaces while patterned wall coverings add a touch of playfulness. The imperfect, exposed concrete floors and ceilings create a relaxed, comfortable feel. This combination of materials, careful space planning and overarching cultural vision create an office environment that aims to attract and retain top talent at the AMA.

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